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February 1, 2017
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March 8, 2017

THINGS WE LOVE: Alabama Greatest Plays Coasters

The Strip, The Kick and The Goal Line Stand. Now, the folks over at Points and Pints can allow you to relive those moments in the best way possible: with a frosty beverage resting atop them. These coasters are a little pricey, checking in at $50 for 4, but you’d only bring them out for special occasions, like when your barner pal comes over or if you’ve somehow cultivated friendships with Miami, Texas and Penn State people. We don’t know your life; you do you. And they’re made of slate. I’m not a geologist or anything, but I think that means they’re pretty much indestructible. They even offer other teams, but we don’t know why anyone would care about that. Anyway, give them a look over at Cheers, Heroes!

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